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New Mercedes-AMG Range

For extra style, sportiness and luxury, choose from the AMG range. This selection of cars builds on the various Mercedes-Benz models, offering your favourites with even more to get excited about.

Inspired by racing, the cars are built for speed. They have large engines with impressive rev figures, allowing them to sprint to scorching speeds. You will find that most of the AMG cars have lower suspension for a livelier drive, and they all enjoy super-sharp steering. In fact, nearly every element has been finely tuned to deliver a racing-inspired performance.

Cast your eye over the cars and you will notice their lower position, revised grilles and bumpers and extra features such as spoilers and brake callipers. Inside, you’ll typically find sports seats and flat-bottomed steering wheels.

To help you splash out with one of these luxuriously sporty cars, you could opt for a finance plan so you can afford the model with all the features you crave.

If you would like to test drive one of the AMG-Line cars, you can contact us any time online, or over the phone during opening hours. We will arrange an appointment for you to guide you through all the features of the models and the finance options open to you.