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Mercedes-Benz Hire Purchase

Mercedes-Benz Hire Purchase is a straightforward, affordable route to ownership – with fixed monthly payments along the way.

How Hire Purchase works

Simply pay a deposit on your chosen Mercedes-Benz, then make fixed monthly payments over an agreed term to pay off the remainder of its value. It's the perfect way to buy a car if you want to work your way upto full ownership over a period of time and spread the overall cost of a Mercedes-Benz.

You won't have to estimate annual mileage, and the interest rate throughout your Hire Purchase agreement will reassuringly stay the same.

Benefits of Hire Purchase include:

  • Flexible deposit and repayment period
  • Fixed interest rate and payments throughout the life of the agreement
  • No mileage conditions
  • You can compliment your Hire Purchase agreement with a service care plan, reducing any unexpected costs

At the end of your agreement:

  • Once the final payment is made as well as a nominal 'Options to Purchase fee' of £10, you will own the vehicle outright.