Accident Recovery

Mercedes-Benz offer complimentary Accident Recovery in the unfortunate event of an accident. All Mercedes-Benz cars are covered, regardless of age or mileage, and who is at fault.

Accident Recovery is provided if, following a Road Traffic Accident, your vehicle is not legally driveable or is unsafe to move*. Mercedes-Benz will recover your car to a Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop.

By using Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshops, you can be sure that your Mercedes-Benz is returned to its pre-accident condition without compromising its safety or integrity.

To arrange recovery, just call 00800 1 777 7777**

Why use Mercedes-Benz Accident Recovery?

It is a common misconception that a policy holder must contact their insurers directly in the event of an accident, but this is not the case. Most insurance companies seek to keep repair costs to an absolute minimum and send your car to be repaired at non-Mercedes-Benz approved repair centres.

Contact us first and exercise your right to insist your car is repaired to Mercedes-Benz standards in a Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop by Mercedes-Benz trained technicians who will use the specialised knowledge appropriate to your particular Mercedes-Benz model.

Only a Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop:

• Meets the stringent technical compliance standards set by Mercedes-Benz
• Uses specific equipment designed to repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles correctly
• Employs technicians trained by Mercedes-Benz
• Uses specific repair methods as defined by Mercedes-Benz
• Uses Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

If you require assistance with claim management, our Accident Recovery team will put you in contact with the relevant area or offer advice, depending on your situation.

* Accident Recovery is complimentary and provided at the absolute discretion of Mercedes-Benz
** If the freephone number does not work from a mobile phone, please call 0207 975 7077