Anyone for a European road-trip?​

Have you ever considered driving to your next European holiday? It may not be as quick as a plane or train but there are some incredible places to visit en-route and, when behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz, long-distance driving is never a chore; travel in style.

When you buy a vehicle equipped with Mercedes-Benz COMAND technology, European map updates come free-of-charge for the first three years. Home to some of the best roads in the world, there’s no excuse not to go and experience some serious thrilling driving and incredible views. Here are some of our favourites…

Mille Miglia, Italy

What once was an open-road endurance race from northern Italy to Rome and back is now a race for classic and vintage cars in May each year. For the rest of the year, drivers take to the Italian roads in their own cars to tackle a route that takes them through some of Italy’s most beautiful towns like San Marino, L'Aquila and Bologna. Put the Mille Miglia on your driving bucket list.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austrian Alps

One of the most scenic and dramatic routes in the Alps is the Grossglockner High Alpine road. Hosting 30 miles of sweeping corners through picturesque scenery, it leads you right into the heart of Austria’s largest national park, Hohe Tauern.

Klausen Pass, Switzerland

Stretching over the Swiss Alps, the Klausen Pass can quite literally take your breath away as the difference in altitude from bottom to top is 1,237 metres. An alternative highway route means that the Klausen Pass never gets busy, despite its close proximity to Zurich, leaving driving enthusiasts to really enjoy the route.

Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen is not a road for the faint-hearted. Tucked deep in the mountains off the western coast of Norway, it has humbled many egos with its stomach churning twists and turns. With just over 65 miles of incredible views delivered by sheer mountainsides, waterfalls, deep fjords and fertile valleys, a stunning new landscape reveals itself after every bend.

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

Jeremy Clarkson once described it as ‘every great corner, from every great race track, lined up one after the other’ and we think he has it right. With a rock face on one side and sheer drop to the other, a drive along the Transfagarasan highway provides dizzying views, supported by a phenomenal experience.

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