Maintaining your Mercedes.

Whether it’s the roar of the engine or its handsome looks, everyone notices a Mercedes-Benz when it drives past.

To keep your Mercedes-Benz running the way it was intended to, booking your vehicle in for regular services ensures that it reaches its potential on every journey. We take out the fear of an unexpected, lump sum servicing cost by offering affordable pay-monthly Service Care plans that start from as little as £27 per month* – that’s less than £1 a day to keep your car in optimum condition.

All After Sales work is carried out by manufacturer trained technicians that only use GenuineParts, so you can leave your car safe in the knowledge that it is in the hands of experts. For complete transparency, our StarView service will tour you around your vehicle once the pre-service inspection has been carried out, highlighting the areas that need working on so that you can see for yourself the general wear and tear that needs correcting before work commences.

It’s all well and good keeping your Mercedes-Benz in top working condition but it’s important to keep it looking pristine too. Anything from a slight scratch to an unsightly dent to a curbed alloy can be restored to its former glory through our Cosmetic Repairs service at your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Taking care of the imperfections now will protect your Mercedes-Benz in the long run by helping it retain its value. Click here to find out more about our After Sales offering.

*Based on an A-Class with 1 service every 12 months.