Summer driving tips​.

With a combination of rain, ice and sometimes snow on the roads, a lot of people assume that winter is the most hazardous season for driving, however summer driving dangers can be less obvious so make sure you’re prepared. All Mercedes-Benz vehicles come equipped with a whole host of features to enrich your driving experience, but below are our top-tips on things that you can do to keep you both safe and comfortable on your journey too.

​​Check your tyres

​Warmer temperatures can cause the air inside tyres to expand, increasing the likelihood of tyre blow outs. Check their condition and tread, as well as tyre pressure regularly.

​Stay hydrated

​This is as important for you as it is your car! Top-up engine oil, washer fluid and engine coolant before you set off on a long journey and always take a bottle of water or two with you too.

​Keep your cool

As the temperature rises, tempers can flare too, especially when behind a wheel. Keep cool and book in for an air-conditioning recharge to ensure that it is working efficiently.

​Refresh your filters

​Causing uncontrollable sneezing and puffy eyes, hay fever can be a driver’s worst enemy so replace old filters to make sure pollen, dirt and dust doesn’t get inside. While you’re in filter mode, also get the oil, air and fuel filters checked and replaced if necessary.

Don’t be dazzled

The bright sun’s glare can cause havoc in allowing you to see the road clearly so keep a pair of sunglasses in the car and make sure that your windscreen is kept clean and smear-free.

Share the road

Cyclists and motorcyclists will dust off their saddles and take to the roads more frequently in the summer months. Always give them plenty of space and only overtake when it’s safe to do so.

Young drivers on the road

Summer holidays mean that there are more teen drivers with an unavoidable lack of experience behind the wheel on the roads throughout the day and more children out playing in residential streets too. Use your experience and keep an extra vigilant eye out for any potential hazards.

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