​Warm up with the roof down.​

Mercedes-Benz have rebelled against the great British weather, applying clever technologies to maximise roof down driving opportunities and enhancing the open-air experience for drivers and passengers alike. Strong winds and a dip in temperature are no match for a Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet.

The clever AIRCAP feature involves an automatic wind deflector rising up from the windscreen header rail to direct air flow higher above the cabin, reducing its negative impact on the vehicle. The system cleverly adapts to the number of occupants within the vehicle by detecting which seatbelts are fastened. If there is anyone sitting in the rear, AIRCAP automatically adjusts the position of the wind deflector accordingly. Not only does AIRCAP make a car’s occupants more comfortable, keeping hair-dos in place and eyes from streaming, it also reduces turbulence and noise too.

For the ultimate in roof-down driving comfort, the neck level heating system, AIRSCARF, releases warm air through vents in the head rest to keep occupants warm. Temperature can be set at one of three levels whilst fan speed is automated to sync with the vehicles driving speed. When the roof is down, this direct heating method provides greater temperature regulation than a traditional vent set up.

So many convertible sports cars just have aesthetic appeal but Mercedes-Benz go one step further, providing a great looking car that goes out of its way to offer an exceptionally comfortable drive too.

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