Your Mercedes mate.

Safety. Maintenance. Convenience.

Often a love at first sight relationship, the bond between a Mercedes-Benz and its owner is already strong one, however the Mercedes me online service allows you to be more in sync with your car than ever. The free app, available on both Apple and Android systems, provides care and support whilst seamlessly integrating with your busy lifestyle.


When signed up to Mercedes me, should an accident occur and the airbags be deployed, an emergency response team is immediately notified of your vehicles exact location and status so that they can dispatch the relevant assistance. This offers complete peace of mind should you be unable to reach or use your mobile phone to call for help. Similarly, should your car break down, a call to the Customer Assistance Centre is placed automatically for support.


The app provides information on the condition of your vehicle, right at your fingertips. Mercedes me can help assist vehicle maintenance and diagnostics by allowing you to view the real-time figures of areas like the tyre pressure and coolant level. It also shares key information back to the Mercedes-Benz After Sales team who will contact you for servicing and if other work is needed, as and when necessary.


We’ve all felt the panic when realising that we might have left the car unlocked but the Mercedes me app allows you to secure your vehicle remotely. It also displays a map of your cars location, should you fail to recall where you left it when in an unfamiliar place Other handy features include a vehicle tracker to monitor your cars whereabouts should you need to, and a geo-fencing tool that will alert you when the vehicle has been moved outside a set location.

We’ve only scratched the surface of Mercedes me capabilities so for more information on how it can work for you, get in touch with your local Mercedes-Benz dealership.