smart fortwo BRABUS

smart fortwo BRABUS

smart fortwo BRABUS

The smart BRABUS is designed for the sportiest and most dynamic performance from any smart car to date. The turbo engine generates 102hp, allowing the smart BRABUS to accelerate from 0-62mph in an impressive 8.9 seconds. Thanks to the emphasis on athleticism under the bonnet, the BRABUS Xclusive is optimised for sportier transmission, matched with components of both the chassis and suspension that have been specifically developed to embrace the smart alloy wheels and aerodynamic design. There's definitely fire in the belly of this compact car, and you can feel it when you're behind the wheel – press on the accelerator to make the most of the 147Nm of torque at 2,500-3,600rpm.


The appearance of the smart-BRABUS Xclusive is just as eye-catching, with a satisfyingly design that enhances the vehicle's luxury appeal. Unlike cars from the smart range before it, the new Xclusive incorporates high-quality materials such as stainless steel, leather and brushed aluminum to exude quality from every angle.

Outside, it's an equally inspiring experience: clean lines are enhanced by gentle curves that add an edge of fun to a design that's already friendly and recognisable. The athletic edge gifted to the smart-BRABUS Xclusive is the asset that sets it apart from the competition, as well as the rest of the smart range – its lower profile, gleaming alloy wheels, sharp design and dual chrome-plated BRABUS sports exhaust make it a feast for the eyes, as well as the sense.


Inside, passengers and drivers will enjoy seats upholstered in fine leather and an ergonomically-designed, three-spoke steering wheel that's comfortable to hold and easy to control with. The instrument panel features decorative stitching and BRABUS dials that make the dashboard look as sporty as it is functional.

The BRABUS logo is embroidered on the high-quality velour floor mats, and is embossed in various other locations both internally and externally – reminding drivers of its impressive pedigree.

The smart-BRABUS makes the ideal urban car, cruising through city streets with confident, fluid control. Alongside the sporty BRABUS design, you'll also enjoy the well-known credentials of the smart range. To take a look around the new smart fortwo BRABUS, drop in to your nearest dealership today.

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