Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Cars

4MATIC is so much more than a standard four-wheel drive – it’s more intelligent, adaptable and stable than other systems. 

This smart solution developed by Mercedes-Benz automatically adapts to different types of terrain and surfaces, ensuring optimal driving performance and maximum safety for you and everyone else on board. No matter what challenge the road throws at you, you’ll be prepared to take it on.

So, how does it work? Mercedes-Benz’s 4MATIC system constantly monitors the speed of each wheel, and ensures power is distributed across all four wheels at all times – and that means maximum traction in every situation. Should any of the four wheels begin to slip, power will automatically shift to the opposite wheel – meaning you remain steady and stable. Even in the toughest of conditions – where three out of four wheels are affected – the fourth wheel will adjust to support you.

4MATIC is powered by seven-speed automatic transmission, which means you can enjoy super-smooth transmission with minimum effort. This works together with other intelligent features like ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), 4-ETS (4-wheel Electronic Traction System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) to give you total control over your Mercedes-Benz. So you can expect complete driving enjoyment throughout the seasons, no matter where you’re heading.

See below for the latest Mercedes-Benz models available with 4MATIC technology, and click through to explore the details in full.