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Mercedes Car Prices

Mercedes-Benz are world renowned for having some of the best, most luxurious and well built vehicles available anywhere. The organisation has been going strong since 1926, and has been on the forefront of both automotive design and technology ever since.

The Mercedes-Benz range continues to expand and grow as they push the boundaries of the luxury car market, which leaves you with some tough decisions to make – how do you whittle down a list of such impressive vehicles?

We’ve put together a quick, simple guide to finding the vehicle that will fit your budget and your requirements.


Fusing decades of strong design into a compact vehicle, the A Class and B Class Hatchbacks from Mercedes-Benz are fantastic family cars, designed with style and luxury in mind. Superior build quality and peerless comfort make these vehicles some of Mercedes’ most popular.

  • The A-Class starts from just £20,715
  • The B-Class starts from just £23,195


If you’re looking for more iconic Mercedes-Benz styling, fantastic quality and comfort then the range of saloons from Mercedes-Benz is hard to beat. This is also one of Mercedes-Benz’ most diverse vehicle classes in terms of price, with vehicles starting from less than £30,000 to nearly £175,000, so there’s sure to be something available to suit your budget and needs.

  • The C-Class starts from just £29,035
  • The E-Class starts from just £36,005
  • The new S-Class starts from just £71,790
  • The Mercedes Maybach starts from just £174,640


Mercedes-Benz is famous for making luxury estate cars, and their current range is a great demonstration of how they have been able to condense decades of experience at the forefront of styling, reliability and handling into an incredible range of vehicles.

  • The CLA Shooting Brake starts from just £27,380
  • The C-Class Estate starts from just £30,235
  • The E-Class Estate starts from just £38,005
  • The E-Class All Terrain starts from just £57,365
  • The CLS Shooting Brake starts from just £49,485


Sporty, elegant and powerful, Mercedes-Benz is a world leader in designing and manufacturing gorgeous coupés that are almost as enjoyable to look at as they are to drive. The current range includes some of the most remarkable vehicles Mercedes-Benz have ever built.

  • The CLA Coupe starts from just 26,490
  • The C-Class Coupe starts from just £32,325
  • The E-Class Coupe starts from just £39,305
  • The CLS Coupe starts from just £47,995
  • The S-Class Coupe starts fro just £100,985
  • The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe starts from just £99,960


Mercedes-Benz are making it even easier to buy a new car while minimising the environmental impact. Their eMobility Scheme promotes their new range of high tech hybrid vehicles, and is well worth looking into if you’re planning on investing in a new Mercedes-Benz.

Electric charging stations are becoming more and more numerous around the country, and Hybrids benefit from a number of incentives, including free parking, no congestion charges, government grants and reduced road tax.


Mercedes-Benz are proud to be a part of Motability. Motability is a national charity in the UK dedicate to improving mobility for disabled people. The scheme, which has been going strong since 1978, allows you to exchange your government-funded mobility allowance for a brand new Mercedes-Benz, as well as offering a host of other benefits, including break-down cover and up to two nominated drivers.