Introduction to the After Sales Academy Programme with Mercedes-Benz Retail Group

The 12-month programme focuses on the development of high-calibre professionals. It will train and support you by providing structured learning and job shadowing which will focus on brand, products, sales techniques and customer service.

The programme places an emphasis on After Sales in the automotive sector and will enable you to try a variety of opportunities, including service and parts. It will provide you with everything you need to develop the requisite skills, knowledge and behaviour to become successful After Sales professionals. The approach will be rigorous, comprehensive and pragmatic; combining learning theory with practical application.

It will draw on best practice from the automotive sector and other industries, giving you a 360° perspective of After Sales excellence in a challenging and ever-changing business environment.

You will be required to complete seven modules during the 12-month programme which will be delivered via a mix of formal training, observation, feedback, coaching and practical on-the-job experience.

You will be supported by a mentor throughout the duration of the programme.

The 12-month Programme concludes with trainees taking the Mercedes-Benz UK C-Service Assessment. The C-Service assessment comprises of various role-plays and case studies to assess competencies. You will also complete an online multiple choice assessment as part of the C-Service Process. Passing this assessment will mean trainees graduate from the programme, become certified After Sales Executives at Mercedes-Benz Retail Group and are awarded an IMI Professional Certification.

Applications for the Mercedes-Benz Retail Group After Sales Academy are currently closed and will open again later in the year.