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Why You Should Buy a Mercedes Car ?

Mercedes-Benz has been a world leader in the automotive market for decades. They’ve been able to make it to the forefront of car design with their meticulous attention to style, reliability and performance, and have now become one of the most popular car marques in the world.

Investing in a Mercedes-Benz may be a big step, but it’s hugely rewarding. We’ve put together some answers for the most frequently asked questions about Mercedes vehicles.

When and where was Mercedes-Benz founded?

1886 was the year that Karl Benz patented his first petrol-powered automobile, while Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1901. Both Benz and Mercedes were founded in Germany, and hold true to the traditional view of German efficiency and reliability.

It wasn’t until 1926 that the first Mercedes-Benz was revealed, but the company has been at the forefront of automotive design and manufacture since then. Their vehicles are now world renowned for being stylish, luxurious and reliable.

Are Mercedes-Benz reliable?

Mercedes-Benz vehicle are famous for the almost unparalleled reliability of their engines. Countless consumer reports rank them among the most reliable vehicles overall, and organisations like Which? Have ranked them near the top for reliability and constancy.

Where are Mercedes-Benz cars made?

Different Mercedes-Benz vehicles are made in different locations, with the company having factories around the world. Naturally many of these are in Germany, but they also produce vehicles in Norway, Great Britain, the United States and Austria.

How much maintenance do Mercedes-Benz vehicle need?

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles are made to a high specification, using top quality parts and materials. This means that they very rarely go wrong – see our discussion on reliability above – but if something does go wrong it can cost a little extra to repair, simply because you’ll be getting another well-manufactured part or panel fitted with care by a specialist.

What sets a Mercedes-Benz apart from other cars?

Simply put, Mercedes-Benz produces some of the best vehicles in the world, and always has done. It’s often said that Mercedes helped invent the modern car, and has a long, proud history of being at the fore front technology, as well as design.

Modern technology and decades of practical experience are blended inside every Mercedes-Benz, meaning that the car is as technologically advanced as it is gorgeous to look at and enjoyable to drive.

You only have to take a Mercedes-Benz for a short test drive to understand what makes them so special.