Charging made easy.

Whether you're at home or on the go, charging your EQC is simple. Conveniently charge at home using a home wall box, or benefit from the speed of a DC public charging station whilst you're out and about. Find out more about the different ways to charge below.

Charging options.

Charging at home with a wall box. 

Charge quickly and conveniently at home using a wall box, allowing you to reach maximum charge with minimum effort.

Charging on the go.

Charge up whilst out and about via one of the many charging points across the UK. You can charge the EQC in just 40 minutes[1] at IONITY rapid charging stations, perfect for when you’re just stopping off to grab a coffee.

Frequently asked questions.

1. Why is the real electric range often less than specified?

The electric range varies depending on individual driving behaviour, route profile and environmental factors. ECO Assist allows you to travel further on electric power by taking advantage of the recuperation and/or sailing function. Auxiliary functions such as seat heating or climate control also has an impact on the range.

2. What is the difference between AC and DC charging technology?

The batteries of electrified vehicles can only be charged with direct current (DC). This can be found at IONITY charging stations across UK and Europe where the EQC has the ability to charge at 110kw. The home Wallbox charger, most public charging stations and “high-voltage sockets” all supply alternating current (AC). To make charging possible, EQ vehicles are equipped with an on-board charger – an AC/DC rectifier – to convert the alternating current into the required direct current. Charging capacities of between 2.3 kW and 11 kW are possible, depending on the on-board charger and the capacity of the charging cable (rather than the capacity of the charging station).

3. How environmentally friendly is it to drive an electric car?

The environmental impact of your vehicle depends greatly on your driving and charging behaviour. The electricity with which you charge your vehicle also plays a significant role: i.e., is it actually being charged with “green” electricity or an electricity mix? As a rule, all public charging stations are supplied with green electricity and a green electricity contract for domestic users is often only a few clicks away. In support, we offer Mercedes-Benz green electricity – a service exclusively for Mercedes-Benz customers.