Mercedes-Benz Combined GAP Insurance.

Your car is a precious investment and it’s important to make sure it’s protected. If your vehicle were to be written off by your motor insurers and they only paid out market value, this is where GAP Insurance would come in. This insurance can cover the shortfall between that motor insurance settlement and the original invoice purchase price when you first took ownership of the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz GAP Insurance is also available for Hire & Reward customers.

Speak to your Business Manager who will be able to assess your needs and offer you a suitable product.

What is Mercedes-Benz Combined GAP Insurance?

Mercedes-Benz Combined GAP Insurance means you won't incur financial loss if your vehicle is written off and is not replaced by your motor insurer; when your motor insurer may only pay out the market value at the time of the loss.

Does Mercedes-Benz GAP apply for finance and cash buyers?

Cash buyers:

GAP Insurance makes up any shortfall between your motor insurance settlement offer and the original purchase invoice price.


GAP Insurance makes up any shortfall between your motor insurance settlement offer and the original purchase invoice price, or if greater the shortfall between the finance settlement.

GAP features include:

  • The peace of mind that you will receive the full value of your vehicle, if it is written off (up to the value of £200,000 - £125,000 for hire & reward)
  • Contribution of up to £250 towards a motor insurance excess
  • Available for new and used vehicles up to 10 years old
  • Term of the policy can complement the length of your finance agreement up to 48 months
  • Policy Transferable (within terms and condition guidelines)
  • Cover available for Hire & Reward and business users
  • Road Fund License contribution up to £200

  • How Mercedes-Benz GAP Insurance pays out

    Combined GAP Insurance example

    If you paid £18,500 for your vehicle and it's written off and your motor insurance company agree to pay out £12,000, the Mercedes-Benz Combined GAP Insurance pay-out of £6,500 will make up the shortfall between the price you originally paid.

    Where can I purchase Mercedes-Benz GAP Insurance?

    Speak to your Sales Executive who will put you in contact with a Business Manager for further information and policy costs.

    To make a claim

    To make a claim

    If you purchased your GAP Insurance before 7th June 2021, the easiest way to make a claim is using our administrators online claims app.

    LINK –

    Alternatively, you can call our administrators on 01279 456507 to register a claim.

    They are open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am – 12:00pm

    If you purchased GAP Insurance after 7th June 2021 please call 0203 467 3070.

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