New Mercedes Benz C-Class

Sporty interior exudes class

Every aspect of the C-Class’ interior exudes class, with the sporty styling and subtle finishes creating an environment that is comfortable, contemporary, and compelling. Quality materials and glossy finishes ensure that the model offers the utmost in style.​

Door Handle

Fully-digital instrument cluster

A whole new display concept commands the instrument cluster of the new C-Class. Tailor its appearance with Classic, Sport, and Progressive styles and access the performance details you demand.

Gear Shift

Optional head-up display

For added safety when driving, an optional head-up display provides you with easy access to critical driving information, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road ahead while still staying fully informed.

Intelligent Drive

Touch-sensitive controls DISTRONIC and cruise control with controls

The C-Class’ innovative steering wheel features touch-sensitive controls that respond to motion gestures, while the operation of DISTRONIC and cruise control systems offers a further sense of driving control.

Reversing Camera

Infotainment system

Innovative infotainment can be experienced via the cutting-edge system in the new C-Class. Operated via the touchpad controller, or through the use of LINGUATRONIC voice controls, entertainment and driver information is readily available.

Air Vents

High-resolution central display

A 16:9 resolution central display screen -10.25 inches in size - sits plumb in the centre of the dashboard and represents the central hub of activity for life in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class.​


As one of the most popular vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the C-Class has recently undergone a stylish makeover to ensure it continues to dominate the road. Both the front and rear fascia’s take on a more contemporary look, with thicker LED daytime running lights and a diamond grille ensuring the nose of the vehicle has a greater sense of purpose.

The wheels on the C-Class have also been given a substantial redesign. Gone are the somewhat understated alloy wheels of past models, replaced by bold and chunky five-spoke editions that grip the road and enhance performance.

Of course, it’s not easy to improve on perfection, so much of the C-Class remains untouched. But, with subtle amends to the bodywork and sleeker lines than ever before, this updated model will continue to build on the popularity of its predecessors.

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Engines and performance

A selection of new-generation engines are available across the range, with four-cylinder petrol engines coming equipped with an additional 48v on-board network with a belt-driven starter/alternator for improved fuel consumption.

  • The C 200 engines come in regular, 4MATIC, T-Model, and 4MATIC T-Model variants, each with varying levels of CO2 emissions, with the lowest coming in at just 136g/km.
  • All engines are equipped with a particulate filter for cleaner performance throughout.
  • The ultra-modern C 220 d diesel weighs 16% less than before - yet returns an improved 194ps for better performance.
Petrol Gauge
0-60 MPH 3.9 to 8.9 seconds
Top Speed 136.7 to 155.3 mph

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