Mercedes-Benz Collection 2018.

Mercedes-Benz merchandise. Inspiration. Every day.

At Mercedes-Benz Retail Group, we offer more than just service and parts. We are pleased to introduce the Mercedes-Benz Collection 2018, a range of stylish Mercedes-Benz merchandise allowing you to live and breathe the iconic brand, even when you’re not driving.

We care about extending the comfort, style and innovation that Mercedes-Benz cars are known for into all aspects of your lifestyle.

So whether you’re at a business meeting or on the golf course, with Mercedes-Benz Collection 2018 you can rest assured that you are always surrounded by the highest quality of materials and looking your best.

There is a vast range of Mercedes-Benz merchandise available from clothing in the finest fabrics to accessories, such as sunglasses and cufflinks, which add an element of style to your everyday look.

A particular highlight is the array of exclusive Mercedes-Benz watches for men and women, inspired by innovative automotive design and carrying the ‘Swiss made’ quality seal.

So whether as a gift for someone special or simply to treat yourself, why not explore what the Mercedes-Benz Collection 2018 has to offer. Because as we all know, it’s the best or nothing.

View the Mercedes-Benz Collection 2018 brochure.