FAQs Mercedes-Benz Vans

When did Mercedes-Benz begin producing vans?

Technically speaking, Mercedes-Benz began producing vans from as early as 1896, when the company produced what was known as a 'delivery car'. Described as a coach with a closed body, the delivery car could carry 300kg and came with a three-speed transmission and solid rubber tyres from 1898. The current generation of Mercedes-Benz vans, the Vito, Sprinter and Citan, were launched in 1995, 1996 and 2012 respectively.

Where are Mercedes-Benz vans produced?

The primary Mercedes-Benz factory is located in the legendary manufacturer's home country of Germany. The majority of Mercedes-Benz cars are also produced there, with most emerging from the north-western city of Bremen. More recently however, Mercedes-Benz has moved to increase its production presence in the United States, breaking ground on a $500 million addition to its Sprinter van plant located in South Carolina.

Are Mercedes-Benz Vito vans reliable?

Mercedes-Benz has a reputation for creating efficient and dependable cars, so it should come as little surprise that our vans are reliable too. The Vito has four-star reviews from the likes of Auto Express and the users of the Vanarama website, whilst Parkers has placed it at number seven in its recent list of Most Reliable Vans. The Sprinter placed top in the same list, showing its quality and coming first for the second year in a row.

What body types can I buy a Mercedes-Benz van in?

Mercedes-Benz vans are designed to be multifunctional, and so each is available in several different body types. Here is a list of each body type per model:

  • Vito: Panel Van, Crew Van, Tourer, Urban, Sport, Taxi,
  • Sprinter: Panel Van, Tourer, Crew Van, Dropside
  • Citan: Panel Van, Crew Van, Tourer, Sport.

To find out which body type best suits your requirements, speak to an advisor.

What engine can I get in a Mercedes-Benz van?

Each of the vans that Mercedes-Benz currently offers is available with a choice of engine units. The Vito, for example, comes with a 1.6-litre diesel unit (with either 88bhp or 114bhp) or a 2.1-litre diesel unit (available with 136bhp, 163bhp or 190bhp). The Citan meanwhile comes with a choice of four engine options: three diesel and one petrol unit, whilst the Sprinter offers a four-cylinder CDI diesel engine with three different power outputs or a more powerful V6 CDI.

Where can I buy a Mercedes-Benz van?

You can buy a Mercedes-Benz van at our dedicated East London Van Centre. You can also view each van and body style, and our specialist team will be able to arrange a test drive and answer any questions that you may have about the Vito, Citan or Sprinter.