Mercedes-Benz Electric Van Guide.

With an electric van, you’ll see significant savings – from lower maintenance and running costs, to eligibility for a number of government grants and tax exemptions. And with free Mercedes PRO connect vehicle-monitoring software*, the latest security technology, and advanced driver-support features built into every eVan, you’ll also cut back on downtime, improve safety and increase your efficiency like never before.

Are you #eReady?

We know you will have questions before investing into an electric van, something along the line of, "how much range do I really have?" or "how often will I need to charge it to make sure the battery won't run out?". Well, Mercedes-Benz has developed an eVan Ready app that will help you find the answers. The eVan Ready app acts like a virtual test drive, simply download on to your mobile and it will automatically record your journeys as you travel around in your existing vehicle. The app will analyse things like distance, driving and braking behaviour, as well as altitude profile of your trip. After calculating virtual range and required battery capacity, the app will then tell you if you can complete the same trip in one of our electric vans.

You can download the app from Apple Store or Google Play by simply searching for 'EQ Ready'.