Mercedes-Benz Vans Personal Contract Hire

Mercedes-Benz Personal Contract Hire means you won't have the worries of ownership. Instead of owning a vehicle, you lease it for a fixed period and for a fixed monthly rental.

How Personal Contract Hire works

Your monthly rentals will be based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicle and its projected residual value at the end of your agreement term. Because only a proportion of the vehicle's value is repaid over that time, you'll avoid a large initial outlay and benefit from lower rentals.

With this kind of agreement, you can choose from our 'No Maintenance', 'Service Only', 'Full Maintenance' or 'Full Maintenance with Tyres' options. This means the costs are fixed over the term of the agreement allowing you to budget easier and reducing any unexpected costs.

Benefits of Personal Contract Hire include:

  • Your rental amount is reduced, as your rentals are based on only a proportion of the vehicles value
  • There is no large initial outlay.
  • Fixed monthly rentals will help you budget better.
  • At the end of the lease period, the vehicle is returned leaving you free to take a new vehicle.
  • None of the risks of vehicle ownership
  • Road fund licence included in monthly rentals, reducing any unexpected costs.

You can compliment your Personal Contract Hire agreement with a service care plan, reducing any unexpected costs.

At the end of your agreement:

Just return the vehicle to us with nothing more to pay, subject to return conditions being met and the agreed contract mileage not being exceeded.