Mercedes-Benz Vans Personal Lease

Mercedes-Benz Personal Lease is a solution for those who want to drive one of our vans over a fixed term, with hassle-free, low monthly rentals and none of the worries or commitment of ownership.

How Personal Lease works

There's no large initial deposit to pay with Personal Lease. You simply make monthly rentals for the length of your agreement, based on just a proportion of the van's value. It's ideal if you want to enjoy the benefits of a predictable monthly rental but don't necessarily want to own a van outright – with this option, you simply hand it back at the end of your term.

Benefits of Personal Lease include:

  • No large initial deposit
  • Your monthly rentals are reduced due to the rentals being based on only a proportion of the vehicles value
  • Fixed monthly rentals that that fit your budget and are fixed throughout your entire agreement

At the end of your agreement:

Simply hand back at the end of your agreement in line with our Vehicle Return Standards (subject to charges for excess mileage and damage).