Mercedes-Benz Vans Accident Management

Had an accident? Call: 08451 244 867

We never forget the trust you placed in us when you bought your Mercedes-Benz, so our complimentary Accident Management service is part of our After Sales promise to you. Mercedes-Benz Accident Management provides you with:

  • 24/7 support, every day of the year
  • A Mercedes-Benz replacement vehicle during the repair process for non-fault accidents
  • Assurance that your damaged vehicle will be directed to a Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop using genuine Mercedes-Benz Approved parts and trained technicians.
  • Recovery from anywhere in mainland UK to your local Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop
  • Peace of mind that your Mercedes-Benz Warranty will be unaffected
  • Access to professional legal advice for any uninsured loss or compensation queries

Your Mercedes-Benz is in safe hands.

By calling our Accident Management number we'll ensure that your car goes to a Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop guaranteeing that it receives the specialist and technical expertise that it needs and deserves. So you can be sure that your Mercedes-Benz is returned to its pre-accident condition without compromising its safety or integrity. Your Mercedes-Benz is a technologically advanced and complex machine, so why leave anything to chance?

Terms and Conditions:

If you were not at fault for the accident

If we consider you were not at fault for the accident and there is an identifiable insured third party, give us a call and we will:

  • Recover your damaged vehicle to a Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop if it is not legally driveable;
  • Oversee the management of the repairs;
  • Arrange the only estimate you need to proceed with the repairs;
  • Depending on your own vehicle, provide a replacement vehicle on a "like for like" or "category equivalent" basis while yours is being repaired;
  • Manage the communication with the various parties in the claim, including insurance companies, third parties, witnesses etc.;
  • Help you claim any "uninsured losses" – these might include an insurance policy excess, hire charges, loss of earnings etc;

Even if you do not qualify for the non-fault service, give us a call after the accident and subject to the terms below, we may be able to liaise with your nearest Mercedes-Benz Approved Bodyshop to get your Mercedes-Benz back to its pre-accident condition.