Mercedes-Benz Procatt Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converter theft is increasing.

With thieves devising ever-more ingenious ways to remove catalytic converters, the ProCatt alarm is designed to activate if:

  • The exhaust is cut
  • The bonnet is opened
  • The exhaust, engine or battery are tampered with
  • The catalytic converter is unbolted

And with the cost of a new catalytic converter being one you won't want to incur – plus the losses incurred from vehicle downtime – it will not only save your catalytic converter, but save you money too.

As well as the siren sounding, LED lights on the dashboard – which provide an additional deterrent by flashing when the alarm is on – will shine continually to warn the driver when the vehicle has been tampered with.

The ProCatt alarm is Thatcham approved for your peace of mind.

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