Van Experience LIVE Millbrook

Our biggest, most exciting experience ever.

We’re delighted to announce that the legendary Millbrook Proving Ground will once again play host to Van Experience Live from 20-30 June 2017. It’s your opportunity to get hands-on experience of our vans in extreme situations while discovering all the innovative ways we can support your business and improve your bottom line.

This year’s Van Experience Live is set to be our biggest and best yet. So, if you’ve been before, get ready for even more action and excitement. And if this is your first time, you can expect to experience an event that’s like no other.

You’ll get the chance to push our vehicles to the limit alongside our team of professional drivers, on Milbrook’s 700 acres of multi-terrain test track. And there’s more…

We’re putting together a programme of events and experiences that take Van Experience Live into a whole new league – more immersive, more interactive and more exclusive – bringing you vehicles you won’t have seen before. We can’t wait to see you there.


Don’t just test drive our vans; put them to the ultimate test at Millbrook’s alpine route and speed bowl. You can experience the entire Mercedes-Benz Vans range in a safe environment – and pit them against our competitors’ vehicles too. You’ll be able to test our vans’ expert handling and control in a way that a normal test drive could never match – without the inconvenience and dangers of traffic to hinder you.


Your business constantly evolves and so do our vans. Discover just how flexible and configurable our vehicles are, get to know all the accessories available to you and meet some of our bodybuilding partners too. See how you’re able to customise your Mercedes-Benz van to your business’s unique needs – and benefit from our wide product range and variety of designs and finishes to help keep your business moving.


You can rely on our vans to deal with anything the working day throws at them – as our 4x4 technology demonstrates. Keep hold of your hat – it’s time to go extreme off-roading. Feel the security our Sprinter van offers while driving down hills of varying degrees and tackling extreme road terrains. You’ll see how its exceptional 4ETS (Electronic Traction System) helps to keep the vehicle stable and controlled even in the most challenging conditions.


Our £4.63bn annual R&D spend pushes the boundaries of safety technology – and at Van Experience LIVE you can explore the limits for yourself. Hold tight for a safety demo like no other. On a normal test drive it’s almost impossible to see innovative features like our adaptive ESP (Electronic Stability Program) in action within a safe setting. But on Millbrook’s legendary proving ground, everything’s geared up to show you exactly what our vehicles are capable of.

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class Interior

Get a unique perspective on the Concept X-CLASS

At Van Experience LIVE, you’ll get a chance to experience the concept X-CLASS from a unique perspective. Step into a multisensory film experience plus use 360-degree VR goggles to explore the game-changing interior of the concept vehicle… in high definition. Immerse yourself in the concept X-CLASS – register your interest now to attend Van Experience LIVE.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

Take a tour of the future – experience the Vision Van

Our revolutionary delivery concept van will be at Van Experience LIVE, giving you the chance to experience a taste of the future. The Vision Van merges a number of innovative technologies to make last-mile delivery operations more efficient – setting the standard for future generations of vans. Get a glimpse of the road ahead – register for Van Experience LIVE now.