Attitude is everything.
Performance is standard.

The sportiest smart to date, the BRABUS is designed to perform. The turbo engine generates an impressive 102 hp allowing 147Nm of torque at 2,500-3,600rpm. You can feel the fire in the belly as it accelerates from 0-62 mph in an impressive 8.9 seconds.

The eye-catching smart BRABUS is a car that will keep you on your toes and is manufactured with the highest quality materials; stainless steel, aluminium metalwork and leather throughout. With its athletic bodywork and luxury appeal the smart BRABUS Xclusive is optimised for a sportier drive, thanks to enhanced transmission, chassis and suspension.

The exterior of the smart BRABUS continues the traditional clean lines and fun design but with an edge. The wider rear wheel arches with 17-inch wheels and 225/35-section tyres are all additions to ensure this smart model turns heads.

Inside, both driver and passenger enjoy upholstered heated-leather sports seats, whilst the driver gets an ergonomically-designed leather-bound steering wheel with metal-finished pedals and smart BRABUS dials that make the dashboard look as sporty as it is functional.

Smart BRABUS Rear

The smart BRABUS is reminded of its remarkable pedigree by the identifiable logo embroidered on the velour floor mats and is embossed in various other locations on the car. This vehicle makes the perfect urban car for the modern day city driver, who enjoys the very best. Designed to offer fun as well as the practical benefits, the fortwo BRABUS is a mini performance car that delights, excites and won’t disappoint.

The smart BRABUS is sure to put a smile on your face. For more information, please contact your local smart dealership.