Baby got back.

You can’t help but smile every time you pass by the friendly face of a smart. While the front holds the beauty, the rear certainly holds the brains.

Both the smart fortwo and forfour models have the engine housed at the rear of the vehicle and are rear-wheel drive. Positioning the engine over the rear wheels increases downward pressure, creating more grip. Those smart engineers are clever!

smart cars are notoriously easy to park but for those needing a helping hand backing in to the tightest of spots, you can enjoy a discreet camera that is activated when the vehicle is put in reverse. Available space behind the vehicle is projected on to the smart Media-System, where dynamic guide lines display the steering angle allowing you to navigate an accurate manoeuvre every time.

Privacy glass on the rear of the vehicle is standard on the forfour edition black and edition white models, as well as an option on the forfour coupé, adding a premium edge and an air of mystery. The edition black and edition white also house an attractive chrome-plated tailpipe on the exhaust system that glistens at those who are driving behind.

Spoiler alert! Although most commonly found on race cars, a rear spoiler protrudes from the rear creating a sporty look and feel. Just underneath, a strip of LED brake lights crown the rear window.

Like what you hear of the rear? Contact your local smart dealership to organise a test drive.

White Smart Rear