Being smart in town.

Living in the UK’s capital certainly has its advantages but with Londoners spending an average of 101 hours stuck in traffic per year, travelling from A to B efficiently isn’t an easy task!

If you get a bit too close to the vehicle ahead in crawling traffic, forward collision warning will use both visual and acoustic alerts to help avoid a collision. In addition, getting stuck in traffic on an incline need no longer being a concern as the Hill Start Assist feature will kick in to ensure you always pull off seamlessly without rolling.

As the urban city car of choice, smart cars are equipped to tackle any tedious traffic boredom with our fully integrated infotainment system. A total of 12 radio stations can be pre-set for quick access so you’re sure to find something to sing along to in no time. If songs on the radio are letting you down, you can always plug in an external device via AUX/USB, or even stream music wireless through Bluetooth®. The Bluetooth® connection also comes in handy when making hands-free calls.

Coffee is essential on the morning commute and each smart comes with two cup holders, just in case you need that extra caffeine in-take. Rest assured you’ll be the only one drinking anything as Start/Stop technology comes as standard to reduce fuel consumption.

The benefits of driving this small car in the congested city are endless so for more details, visit your local smart dealer.

Red Smart Rear City