Smart Forrail Car Train Hybrid

Calling all platforms

Putting a creative spin on commuting transportation, we revealed recently our industrial experiment of the car/train hybrid.

At first this combination may sound mind-boggling, but thanks to our imaginative engineers and with the help of rail consultancy group, Interfleet, the wacky idea was made a reality.

Based around the smart forfour, this innovative project is modified so that it can handle the rails.

Labelled the smart ‘forrail’, the hybrid can go directly from point A to point B just like a train, but with the luxuries and comfort of a car, engineered with Mercedes-Benz.

The project was completed over six months and after much research and anticipation, both parties delivered an engineering work of art.

Various adaptations were made to create this mini locomotive, with the most noticeable changes being the addition of the 22-inch solid steel wheels (weighing a hefty 80kg) for traction. For the hybrid to operate, the large steel wheels were locked in place by welded metal supports.

On display at the privately owned Bluebell Railway in Sussex, the car/train crossbreed was successfully tested on a 10-mile stretch of track.Spectators were then treated to a unique and wonderful low speed test drive, experiencing the mini-trains cleverly engineered colourful interior and hands free driving.After the eventful day, the forrail was dismantled and restored back to the original smart forfour ready for the road.To witness this amazing engineering feat, watch the video below.