Four reasons to choose the smart forfour

The smart forfour cunningly packs the advantages of a practical four seater into a small vehicle, offering a deceptive amount of space whilst still being petite enough to comfortably fit into parking spaces that others are forced to reject. Forming the perfect car for urban driving fun, now four of you can enjoy what the city and smart have to offer!


As the engine is at the back of the vehicle, there’s ample leg room for front seat passengers and for those in the rear, generous head space ensures a comfortable ride. Rear doors make getting in and out of the vehicle easy and if you’re transporting cargo, the folding rear seats leave a completely flat surface at the same height as the boot to extend the space.


The forfour comes with a choice of three 3-cylinder petrol engines; the 45 KW, 52 KW or the sporty 66 KW engine. To reduce fuel consumption, automatic start/stop technology activates whenever the vehicle is stationary, however this feature can be disabled with a simple flick of a switch. The smart Direct-Steer system makes parking and manoeuvres extremely easy, whilst also enhancing cornering agility and increasing stability at high speeds.


With a glance at the front or rear, it’s difficult to tell if the vehicle is a fortwo or forfour, as all the well-loved design features that make a smart so familiar are evident in both.

Smart Forfour City

A large windscreen with thin pillars enable the smart to offer a great view of the road ahead while a turning circle that is only bettered by that of a London back cab makes it perfect for nipping around the city.


Small in size but grand in substance, the smart forfour is packed with technology. All models come with steering wheel mounted controls, climate control and cruise control as standard and optional features include a discreet reversing camera, 7-inch touch-screen smart media system and ambient lighting.

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