The New Smart Fortwo

The tricks and treats of the From A to B, hassle free.

If you’ve ever been in a hurry to make an important dinner date or meet a new client, only to turn up 10 minutes late, red faced, flustered and full of excuses, you’ll probably know the frustrations that driving a big car in the city can bring.

Parking spaces that are too small, heavy traffic and inconsiderate drivers are the enemy of a busy schedule and a car with poor manoeuvrability.

The undeniable truth is that first impressions count; they count when you’re dating, they count when you meet the future in-laws for the first time and they sure as heck count when you’re working!

Our smart models are built for the busy professional and city-socialite ensuring you get to your destination comfortably and on time. There’s few better feelings than zipping past traffic and gliding into that parking space, so you can walk through the door on your ‘A-game’ with your head held high.

Here’s our five favourite ways the smart fortwo outsmarts the big city:

- Get out of a parallel parking space stress-free after someone has parked too close to your car a tight turning circle reduces the need for excessive manoeuvring

- Slip into tight parking spaces you’d normally rule out (much to the envy of other drivers!) Only 2.69m from bumper to bumper, our new fortwo model is as tiny as it is agile!

- Taken a wrong turn or need to turn around in a traffic jam? The fortwo eliminates the need for 3, 4 or even 5 point turns, requiring a space of less than 6.95m to turn full circle

- Reduce the frustration that inconsiderate parking brings – fitting into spaces when a fellow road user has (almost) ‘double parked’ means you can save the cursing for when you fill your friend in on that bad date…

- The smart Media-System with user-friendly multi-touch display and integrated navigation provides all-round comfort and peace of mind that you’re headed in the right direction (accompanied by your favourite soundtracks!)

Wherever your schedule takes you, it pays to travel there the smart way. Why not experience it for yourself and take a test drive today?