Game, smart and match!

Wimbledon fever has gripped the nation and smart have more in common with it than you may think.

A major rule both on the court and on the road is staying between the lines and all smart models have the Lane Keeping Assist feature as an optional add-on to keep you on course. Acting similar to an umpire, a video camera constantly checks to see if you are within the boundaries, giving off both audio and visual warnings when detecting that you are unintentionally leaving the lane.

Whether you prefer to call it Henman Hill or Murray Mound, the smarts Hill Start Assist feature could be used on both. Maintaining brake pressure when the driver’s foot moves from the brake pedal to accelerator pedal, it prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when moving off on an incline.

The rain doesn’t stop open-roof play in a smart any more than it does on centre court, with a retractable roof available on the cabrio model. With an operating speed of just 12 seconds, you can open and close the roof of a cabrio over 40 times in the time it takes to happen once over at Wimbledon!

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