Roof down around town.

Warm summer weather causes everyone to strip off the layers to cool down and smart are no different! The smart fortwo cabrio comes with a fully electric-operated fabric roof that can be lowered or raised in just 12 seconds, at any speed.

When the roof is down, the side bars can either be kept intact for a rugged look or for a cleaner appearance, they can be stowed away in the cabrio’s rear, without having any impact on available boot space. The soft top roof comes in either red or black fabric and opens fully.

Roof down driving can be known to increase in-car turbulence but smart crosswind assist technology keeps disruption to a minimum by carrying out braking intervention when it detects that the vehicle may be drifting off track, meaning less driver input is needed to correct the fault. The feature kicks-in when driving straight ahead and in gentle bends at a speed of 50mph. Wind control can be enhanced further by fitting a compact wind deflector.

This summer, the hottest way to be seen in the city will be in a cabrio. Find your nearest smart centre here to take a test drive and enjoy for yourself.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio