Socially savvy, superbly smart.​

Spotting a smart brings instant joy. You can’t help but smile when you see one so just imagine how happy you are driving one! Blurring the lines between practical car and fun road-trip companion, a smart brings joy to each and every journey. With so much more to offer than just a car, the on-going #smartlife Twitter campaign gives tips on how to fuel your soul, including exciting recipes, motivational quotes and highlights of just how easily your smart seamlessly integrates with your life.

Enjoying a smart is a lifestyle choice. Compact, bursting with technology and deceptively spacious, a smart is the perfect choice for anyone who has a busy work and social schedule. One of the major benefits of owning a smart in the city is the whole new realm of parking opportunities that open up. Not only can you fit into spaces that others can’t, the smarts tight turning circle reduces the need for excessive manoeuvring when boxed in a parallel parking space.

If you are not an urbanite, the smart adds value in the country too as it is small and compact for those tight high street parking spots and narrow rural lanes, not forgetting its amazing economy credentials.

Factoring in diverse tastes, each smart is tailored to the individual with a whole host of mix and match colour options available across the range. Understanding how everyone is different, a variety of optional extras can be added to make your smart as individual as you are.

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Smart Life