The smart fortwo and forfour tridion safety cell

Stay safe this bonfire night with smart

We all know how important it is to stay safe around fireworks and bonfires, but with the dark nights and slippery conditions it’s just as important to make sure you’re safe out on the road. That’s why at smart, we’ve made sure our fortwo and forfour contain the very latest safety technology, so that you can be secure as you enjoy the festivities.

Strong as an ox
Both the fortwo and forfour are built with the tridion safety cell, a frame of high tech steel alloys that means the passengers and driver are always protected in case of an accident. In combination with the body panels, it’s this frame that gives smart models their unique look.

Stay firmly on the road
As well as the engineering of the body, there are a host of other safety features built into your smart. Crosswind assist automatically adjusts the brakes and steering to help counter any strong gusts of wind that could affect the handling, helping you stay on course.

Thinking ahead
esp® or electronic stability programme helps prevent accidents caused by swerving. The system is constantly checking the vehicle’s behaviour against what the driver wants the car to do. If it notices a difference, for example, if it notices the steering wheel is turned more sharply than the wheels can turn due to poor grip, it will automatically adjust the brakes and transmission, helping to keep the vehicle stable.

Stay safe this winter
With advanced systems like these included as standard on both the forfour and the fortwo, you can feel free to enjoy the festivities safe in the knowledge that you are being well looked after.

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