Blue Smart Fortwo

Valentines: Perfect for the smart fortwo!

Are you looking for the perfect way for you and your loved one to spend Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the smart fortwo.

Let smart lead the way on a stylish and romantic getaway in the new fortwo model. Switch on the engine, start the smart Audio-System and take full advantage of Bluetooth® interface with hands free system and blast your favourite love songs on the way to the perfect sunset location.

Once you arrive, park your smart fortwo with the aid of the innovative rear parking assistance system. The three sensors in the rear bumper measure the distance to obstacles and a warning tone helps you avoid any damage.

Sit back and relax in the luxurious heated leather seats while you watch the enchanting sunset and the sky turn from light to dark. Once the sky has faded to darkness, switch on the headlights and take full advantage of outstanding 2.69m turning circle and great agility on the way to your next Valentines location.

Whether you choose the passion, proxy or prime, the smart fortwo is perfect for two this Valentine’s Day.

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