Smart Audio Monster

Watch out for the smart audio monster

Ever thought about what it would be like to turn your own little smart car into a boom box? Well, that’s exactly what HARMAN and JBL have achieved for two smartmodels.

In the automotive industry, few things are more challenging than getting an awesome sound system in a compact car. HARMAN and JBL have overcome this by creating two exclusive JBL audio systems fit for current smart models. The fortwofeatures eight speakers that deliver an amazing 240 Watts of music power, whilst the forfoursystem features 12 speakers generating 320 Watts, enhancing the surround-sound and setting new standards for compact-car audio by giving the feel of sitting in a much bigger car.

The two smart cars were completely stripped to create the ultimate sound experience, encompassing customised ambient lighting for both interior and underbody.

Michael Mauser, President Lifestyle Division HARMAN, has described the cars as: “Absolutely fantastic and breathtaking audio monsters on wheels.” Bet you never thought you’d hear a smart car described as an ‘audio monster’, did you?

These two special smart fortwo and forfour models are currently being showcased at the X-Dream Car Audio facility in Markgröningen, Germany. If you can’t make it over to Germany any time soon, fear not as the cars will be presented at several other events all over Europe; keep your eyes peeled for more information. In the meantime, why not head to your nearest smart dealership for a sound inspection of the current models.