Smart Front Winter

Smart Winter!

Winter can be a tough time for driving, with dark nights, slippery roads and even the threat of snow. We’ve put together a list of the top tips you’ll need to be driving smart this winter!

Tread carefully!

Your tyre treads can make a huge difference to your cars handling in tough weather conditions. 3mm of tread is the recommended minimum you really need to take on the rain, slush and ice.

Forward charge!

Cold can really affect the battery; cold conditions mean the battery charges more slowly than usual and that starting the car takes more energy, so the battery is working harder than ever. It can help if you go for a longer drive every once in a while, to give the battery longer to charge up.

Smoothly does it!

It’s not just car maintenance and planning that takes some thought in winter, the way you drive is also very different. You’ll want to keep your revs as low as possible, to help you grip the road more effectively. Try and keep your acceleration, brake and steering changes smooth, quick changes could cause your wheels to spin!

One of the best ways to prevent problems in the winter is to make sure your vehicle is always properly maintained and looked after. With our smart Service Care, you can make sure your car gets the care it needs for less than 54p a day.

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